Rosalis is our Administrative and Accounting Assistant since 2015 when she joined our workforce. Her expertise and dedication have proven an invaluable asset to our Organization.


Licensed Public Accountant / Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago


TEAM Dominicana (2015 to Present)

Instituto de desarrollo Integral Leonardo Da Vinci (Sept-Octubre 2014):
Library Assistant (Part Time)

Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples Procesadores de Harina, (Noviembre 2011- Octubre 2012):

Savings and Credit Official responsable of financial certificates, application completion for credit and visits to businesses to take into account the structure and condition of assets through photography and also to confirm the details of the request, make average purchases, analyze credit report and make a record of approval, collect payments assigned to the portfolio of credits.

Ferretería Alfonsina (Mayo-Octubre 2011): customer service, inventory and billing.

Cooperativa San Miguel INC, (2002-2009)
Servicio al Cliente (2002): Apertura de cuentas a socios, llenar solicitud de créditos y pasarla al departamento de créditos, recepcionista e información en general a los socios

Casheir (2003)

Collections Assistant (2004)

Branch manager Hato del Yaque (2005- 2009)

“SAFE” Financial Program
“SAP” Comercial Program
“Advancys” Accounting Program
Dack Easy


  • Diploma in Management Skills Development
  • Effective Management Workshop Course of Collections
  • Office manager programs
  • Workshop in Quality and Teamwork
  • Workshop in Interpretation of Financial Statements
  • Course on sales and Negotiation Techniques
  • Policies and procedures Workshop
  • Seminar on Law 108-05 property registration
  • Workshop “Modern Administration Management”
  • International Conference “Social Management and Effective Management in the Cooperative Enterprise”
  • Effective Communication Workshop Seminar “The art of communicating”
  • MANAGING Integration Workshop Seminar Teamwork
  • Intermediate Workshop Seminar Leaders Myths and Challenges
  • Strategic Management Seminar Workshop for competitive markets
  • Seminar Workshop use and management of tax receipts
  • Annual Business Administration Conference (PUCMM )